nightofthecomet (nightofthecomet) wrote,

Challenge 42: Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

under the cut for possible spoilers!!

Two Colors: Yellow and Purple ▬ Five from Dark Matter

Free Spot ▬ Two from Dark Matter

Head Canon ▬ Dark Matter | Five and Six work together to stop Two from killing someone. It's Sixes idea to wipe the memories, and Five executes it. {It is possible that this is canon since it seems like it from the finale, but in case it isn't, this is what I think!!}

OTP ▬ Chuck and Sarah from Chuck

Texture ▬ Two from Dark Matter | Texture from DeviantArt: here.

Fave Movie ▬ The Fast And The Furious Series {can't pick just one!!}

Two Fandoms ▬ The Hunger Games & Tron: Legacy | Quorra works as an assistant to Cinna; "I too, would bet on you."

Fave Character ▬ Sarah Walker from Chuck

Fave TV Show ▬ Chuck!!

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